Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The feast is almost over,
Everywhere, she could see,
Once-filled wine glasses,
Carelessly thrown plates,
Leftovers of an unfinished celebration...

It was her suggestion to the chef,
To make it a spicy one.
But, in the beginning
The plates were filled with sweets and candies,
She never liked sweets,
Still, had them,
Tempting, intoxicating ones.

Then came the real taste,
Every morsel was spicy,
Hot,hot and hotter.
More chillies, more tears,
It was funny to cry.

We played hide and seek
in the open lawns.
No place to hide,
we could see each other.
Still we went on playing,
And hiding.
It was funny to play.

Then, at last,
The food was cold, rotten, expired...!!!

All left,
Even the last visitor,
And the last player too.

The place looked shattered but serene...!!!
The feast is almost over,
But never ended,
And never ending...


  1. Excellent work. The feeling that I got is of a forced, rotten, and cold relationship, weakened every second, but 'the victims' never able to break away from each other.

    But never ended,
    And never ending...

  2. searing and bluntly sarcastic..but one enough to open old wounds..